Hey there!
I’m Michelle Karen D’Silva
Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I hope you will find truth, empathy and encouragement for your daily walk. I desire to bring you the very best of what I live and learn, promising to keep it raw and real.

My story began as a broken teen, living for the world, and believing the lie that God did not exist. In 2004, through unexpected tests and trials, I had a radical encounter with Jesus and discovered His story of love, redemption and healing. I encountered a God who was real and came to realize an even more deeper truth – I was created for Him!

And so it has become my life’s mission to share this joyous truth with everyone I meet – We are created for greatness and we possess the power to transform the world.

Whether it is the hard stuff of life or heart-to-heart conversations, I am here to be your friend. You’ve got me and I wanna hear your story; the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. You matter to me!
God Needs You - Michelle DSilva
01 Home
I was born and raised in Goa, India. In 2002, I moved to Qatar. Here I found Christ, here I found myself, here I found home.
02 Baby

‘Baby’ is what me and my best friend for life, Jensil call each other. He is the silent, behind the scenes, bed rock of my ministry. We’ve known each other since I was sweet 16 and life has only been sweeter ever since.

03 Mama
I will never retire from being mama to my gorgeous babies, Kristen and Nathan. I love to teach, cheer, challenge and entertain them with my own version of carpool karaoke. They are for sure my greatest adventure.
04 Influencer
Believe me when I say that you have influence. We all do. Sometimes, all you need is a little compassion with a heart of service (and of course, a high-speed internet connection).
05 Sista
Gal-talk is a language I proudly excel at. I strongly advocate wholeness of mind, body and soul while passionately accompanying sisters in their journey of faith.
06 Nature lover
When I’m not behind the camera or my work desk, you can surely find me basking in the garden. Nature has a way of refreshing my spirit, reminding me of my roots and reviving the wild-spontaneous saint in me.
07 Storyteller
I love a good story. No wonder my core spiritual gift is preaching and teaching; telling the world of the greatest love story ever known and revealing how God writes His story in each of our lives.
08 Bookaholic

I can eat, breathe and live on books. There are tons of favorites but I’m an ardent (almost stalker level) fan of Pope Benedict XVI.

09 Mentor
As a Youth Mentor, I have enjoyed the luxury of God’s Grace lavished through endless hours of teaching, ministering and praying over equally endless hours of coffee and home cooked meals.
10you’ll never guess
I have a Master’s degree in Inorganic Chemistry and a Business Acumen in Strategic Oil & Gas. I have always loved academia but I thrive on my calling. It’s been life’s greatest fulfillment.
quotation marks
You are God’s Plan A for your home and for the world.
How can I serve you?
I have been involved in ministry for over 15 years, speaking to thousands from across the world. Whether it be youth retreats to ‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars, leadership training to ministry workshops; I find joy in any mission where lives are radically transformed, as they encounter the living Christ and the legacy of our Catholic faith.

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