E19: Openness To The Holy Spirit (With Sr. Rita D’Souza)

Openness to the holy spirit - Sr. Rita

Readiness, obedience, selflessness, courage are some strong themes we find in the Acts of the Apostles especially in this Easter season. My guest today is a great example of one who strives to live by these morals even in today’s countercultural world. On this episode, I am joined by Sr. Rita D’Souza who  unpacks some […]

The Unexpected Of Advent

THE UNEXPECTED OF ADVENT   “I’m gonna be down for the holidays!”   I hurriedly texted a close friend followed by a trail of emoticons to ensure my excitement was thoroughly conveyed. Having moved away from home to join university in a new country, I had missed traditional festivities for a whole 3 years. So […]

Living In The Light

LIVING IN THE LIGHT “…98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here I come.” If you are familiar with the classic game of ‘hide and seek’, you would know the scurrying footsteps that set these words into motion. Back when I was little, this game was very popular among all the kids who lived in the […]

A Shepherd Who Seeks

  A SHEPHERD WHO SEEKS “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” This caption from a viral ad campaign titled ‘Priceless’ by MasterCard launched over twenty years ago, is still fondly remembered even today. A journalist who interviewed the marketing team behind this popular strategy recorded that the main reason […]

Today’s Special: Leftovers

  TODAY’S SPECIAL: LEFTOVERS Whenever I return from a long journey or a strenuous outdoor activity, my go-to recovery pack is a nice hot shower followed by a good home-cooked meal. I remember this one time when I arrived home to my parents after an extremely long flight. It landed at an odd hour in […]

How To Save A Life

  HOW TO SAVE A LIFE Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show where a line or scene spoke directly to you or perhaps echoed a message you came across elsewhere? I for sure have these light-bulb moments. The characters and stories on these shows might surely be fictional, but when seen […]

Royal Perks

  ROYAL PERKS ‘Prince offers all guests diamond rings as his wedding gift.’ This was a news headline I came across very recently about one of the royal families in the Middle East. As I went on to read the article, I saw images of the couple where the bride looked absolutely stunning with the […]

A New Friend Request

  A NEW FRIEND REQUEST If you are familiar with the world of Facebook, it will not surprise you to receive ‘friend requests’ from people you’ve never met or barely ever conversed with. At the tap of a ‘confirm’ button, a new friend is added to your timeline. Thankfully there are privacy options that restrict […]

The Better Portion

  THE BETTER PORTION I recently heard a talk where the speaker referred to how the name ‘Scrooge’, a protagonist from Charles Dickens’s famous novel A Christmas Carol, has now become synonymous with anyone who is grumpy, self–contained or miserly. Interesting to think how a name, not recognized or verified by any official authorities, simply […]

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