The Peril Of Perfectionism

  THE PERIL OF PERFECTIONISM Confession, ladies: I have struggled with perfectionism for years. I still do on so many levels.   Being the goal-oriented person I am, I struggle to keep up to “the list,” “the planner,” “the performance,” very often affording myself little or no grace. It’s taken me years to even receive […]

Called By Name

Called by name

  CALLED BY NAME Perhaps no other woman has gained as much notoriety in her time as Mary Magdalene. In 2009, the controversial bestseller The Da Vinci Code revived some serious allegations against her.   But what do we know of this Mary? Mark the Evangelist tells us that Mary Magdalene, possessed by seven evil […]

Taste & See

  TASTE & SEE One of the gifts of being a woman is having the ability to juggle a few things at the same time. Work, family and ministry to name a few. I have always been a person who loves to have a few things going on at the same time.  I am not […]

The Better Portion

  THE BETTER PORTION I recently heard a talk where the speaker referred to how the name ‘Scrooge’, a protagonist from Charles Dickens’s famous novel A Christmas Carol, has now become synonymous with anyone who is grumpy, self–contained or miserly. Interesting to think how a name, not recognized or verified by any official authorities, simply […]

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