Saint Joseph The Worker + The Meaningful Mundane

St. Joseph

SAINT JOSEPH THE WORKER + THE MEANINGFUL MUNDANE Originally published by Blessed Is She   Tolkien’s short but poignant work “Leaf by Niggle” offers fascinating insights into the intersection of our personal and professional lives. Niggle’s vocation involves painting leaves. But he battles against his own inertia as various chores and inconveniences keep him from finishing […]

Learning From Saint Bakhita

LEARNING FROM SAINT BAKHITA   The Bulli Bai app, whereby youth have been auctioning women has been sending waves of shock and disgust in recent times. Yet, the overpowering and oppression of humans by humans is as old as Cain and Abel. Modalities differ, extents differ, places differ, but the fact that there are perpetrators and […]

The Virtue Of Modesty

  THE VIRTUE OF MODESTY When my daughter was small, the fashion world had little impact on her clothing choices. I could relax knowing that she would happily put on anything that I gave her. But as she grew older and her world enlarged, so did her perception of fashion. She is 14 years old […]

Called By Name

Called by name

  CALLED BY NAME Perhaps no other woman has gained as much notoriety in her time as Mary Magdalene. In 2009, the controversial bestseller The Da Vinci Code revived some serious allegations against her.   But what do we know of this Mary? Mark the Evangelist tells us that Mary Magdalene, possessed by seven evil […]

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