To Greater Heights

  TO GREATER HEIGHTS They say, ‘Heaven is under our feet and over our heads’, and rightly so. On a wonderful Sunday morning, I stepped out with my friends on my bicycle to soak in the beauty of nature and experience the serene sights of rain-soaked mountain tops, close to where I live. With mums’ […]

A Shepherd Who Seeks

  A SHEPHERD WHO SEEKS “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” This caption from a viral ad campaign titled ‘Priceless’ by MasterCard launched over twenty years ago, is still fondly remembered even today. A journalist who interviewed the marketing team behind this popular strategy recorded that the main reason […]

New Year, New Mercy

  NEW YEAR, NEW MERCY Though I have never witnessed a court trial firsthand, my dad’s account of the often humiliating scenes in his encounters with the legal system offered me a new perspective on justice and mercy. On one such occasion, my dad related, teenagers driving with expired licenses and having parked in no-parking […]

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