Do You Know The Holy Spirit?

‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ is perhaps one of the most daunting questions of our Christian faith. The Holy Spirit is mentioned more than 800 times in scripture, yet it is no secret that many great theologians have struggled to understand Him, often referring to the Spirit as the “forgotten” or the “least spoken member […]

Luminous – Be A Light To The Nations

If you relate to exhaustion stemming from hiding in the shadows, wading through sun-struck terrains or simply running on empty with futile efforts to fix your life, then this memoir is just for you. Through the poignant story of a woman’s desperate quest for water, we are invited to the only source that satiates all […]

Examination Of Conscience – A Guide For Teens And Young Adults

The Examination of Conscience helps us to examine our lives, recognize sinful thoughts, words, deeds, and omissions and ask the Lord for His forgiveness, so we can go forth transformed to be the light and salt of the earth. Through the lens of the Ten Commandments, the Examination involves a series of questions that invoke […]

The Daily Examen

Want to make prayer your lifestyle but don’t know how? The Daily Examen, is a contemplative form of prayer that enables one to make room to pause, ponder and lean toward the voice of God to discern His will. Based on the prayer technique developed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, it consists of five simple […]

How To Shape A Great Youth Leadership Team?

Ministry teams that thrive are not those that focus only on excellent programs and frameworks, but those that have extraordinary examples of Christ around them. This reality demands that youth leaders go beyond their comfort zones and capacity to make that impact known. But without a dynamic team, those efforts inevitably fall on infertile soil […]

What Do Your Youth Meetings Look Like?

It is important to remember the “why” of a youth ministry. What is the goal of your meeting? What would you like to achieve at the end of this meeting? This resource lists down a few goals to help steer your focus before you begin constructing the agenda for a youth meeting.

Best Practices For Building Effective Small Groups

A spiritual life can begin in simple, small places as long as there is joy and intentional discipleship. Check out this resource to find out some of the best practices recorded through years of experience straight from the field of youth ministry.

Creating Welcoming Youth Groups

While there are different ways to make an irresistible welcoming environment, these three C’s are foundational to establishing a strong first impression. – Connect – Communicate – Consistent Download this resource to find out more about this 3-C welcome pack.

How To Start A Vibrant Youth Ministry From Scratch?

Looking to start a vibrant youth ministry from scratch? In this simple guide that you can print out, scribble on, take notes and organize your thoughts, I hope you will find an exciting and rewarding journey ahead. Remember, this is a journey. Resist the urge to speed up to get to the finish line sooner. […]

Bible Study Companion

Wondering where to start? Consider this ‘Bible Study Companion’ as your trusted guide to lead the way. Dig deep, stand firm and grow in the grace of God’s Word today.

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