Faith Revealed
Faith Revealed
The expression “Just have faith, it will work out” is often used to encourage and comfort someone facing stressful situations. But what is ‘faith’ as described in the Bible? Is it a blind leap into the dark? How much faith is enough? This resource highlights a Faith that is not just a blind leap, but that which is seen and put into action through our everyday lives. “Faith Revealed” clarifies common pressing questions about faith and provides several key Bible verses, Church teachings, quotes and questions for deeper reflections to pave way for understanding and living out a renewed, abundant FAITH. Overview: – How do we define faith? – Importance of listening to the Word of God – Assurance of God’s faithfulness – The need for being rooted and living in faith – Demonstration of faith through the examples of Abraham, Moses and Noah – Looking to Mary as the role-model of faith This resource can be used for an in-depth individual study as well as engaging small-group discussions.

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