Luminous – Be A Light To The Nations

If you relate to exhaustion stemming from hiding in the shadows, wading through sun-struck terrains or simply running on empty with futile efforts to fix your life, then this memoir is just for you. Through the poignant story of a woman’s desperate quest for water, we are invited to the only source that satiates all […]

Bible Study Companion

Wondering where to start? Consider this ‘Bible Study Companion’ as your trusted guide to lead the way. Dig deep, stand firm and grow in the grace of God’s Word today.


Did you know that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things? God is always looking for faithful men and women to empower them to accomplish His will, but the question is, will we accept the call? In Isaiah 6, the prophet’s commissioning to service gives us insight into what is required for a […]

First Love

Have you lost your ‘First Love’? Do you need rekindling? We can all remember the sweet days of our first encounter with Christ and the delight of ‘First Love’ that brought us great joy and freedom. Sadly, over the years the fire of this love tends to grow dim and affections for God grow colder, […]


Have you ever wondered who qualifies for God’s elect? Do you consider yourself worthy to be among God’s chosen people? In the book of 1 Samuel, through God’s divine direction, a young rugged shepherd boy named David was appointed as future King of Israel. God’s choice of David left not only the prophet Samuel, but […]

Homebound – The Return Of The Prodigal

Do you fear returning to God because of your sin? Do you feel torn down by the weight of desiring ‘freedom’ only to discover slavery? Are you disappointed by what feels like endless hours of toil in God’s kingdom that have yielded no fruit? In this famous narrative of the ‘Prodigal’ in Luke 15, amid […]

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