What gives us our ‘Value’? | Y Catholic | Michelle Karen D’Silva

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“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” – C. S Lewis What Lewis pointed is that, no matter what we possess in this world, the restlessness and thirst we suffer in our parched souls is an […]

Introduction | ‘Essentials’ Series | Michelle Karen D’Silva

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How do Christians rightfully respond to a crisis? What does our faith teach us about living through moments of uncertainty? Watch the opening segment of the ‘Essentials’ series for a sneak peek on the bountiful supplies from God’s Word that we will be stocking over the next few weeks. ‘Essentials’, by definition, speaks of something […]

Hope’ | Essentials Series | Michelle Karen D’Silva

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We often equate Hope with wishful thinking. I wish my problems would go away, I wish I had a better job, I wish this healing could come quickly. These hopes, however good they are, are based on personal desires. And so when these desires are unmet, our joy is languished. Tune into the ‘Essentials’ Series […]

Peace’ | Essentials Series | Michelle Karen D’Silva

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In the midst of isolated schedules and lockdown extensions, do you find yourselves facing a reality of troubled questions – What if the economy continues to crash? What if the virus cannot be contained? What if the vaccine proves unsuccessful? Does this mean then that Peace is unachievable or could it be that our understanding […]

The ‘Gift of Lament’ | Essentials Series | Michelle Karen D’Silva

Essentials - Gift of Lament YT

Dictionaries define ‘Lament’ as “an expression of grief”. We live in a world today where we are taught to hide these expressions, where tears are a sign of weakness and where vulnerability is seen as something dangerous. Check out this episode of the ‘Essentials’ series which describes how lamenting does not make one fragile but […]

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