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What is so 'Good' about Good Friday? | Y Catholic | Michelle Karen D'Silva
How could a Messiah who was crucified possibly be of any help? How do we make a mere symbol of Christianity, an emblem of one religion in a sea of others, a symbol that stands set apart from others? What makes Good Friday truly Good? The Roman cross was a loathsome manner of execution that inflicted an anguished death. And yet in the striking reflection of beauty and sacrifice, there was a body on the beams that willfully hung on our behalf. Here are a few take-aways: 1. Jesus is a Cosmic warrior, come to do battle with the forces of Darkness – Bishop Barron 2. The Cross is a war stricken battlefield on which the Son of God fights for us, with weapons far from the weapons of this world. 3. The Cross Wins, because Love Wins Here are a few reflections: 1. Do you see your sin beyond the mercy of God? 2. How can you allow the Cross to bring you Comfort right where you are?

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