E12: The Dangers Of New Age Practices (With Jana Cerquettini)
About the episode
In today’s episode we are talking about something that’s still making headlines in magazines, on television and in the media. It is still hyped by healthcare professionals, and it’s still enticing consumers at local department stores. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Yoga – a practice praised by many for its calming effect and wellness benefits, yoga is definitely gaining momentum and acceptance in our modern culture and even in Christian circles. But the question is should Christians be practicing yoga? We’re going to look at a great story that will speak straight s to the heart of this matter and will point us to the greater truth beyond it.  


Jana CerquettiniJana was born and raised in Czech Republic and now lives on the beautiful Waiheke Island with her husband Fabiano. An architect by profession, she is passionate about meeting new people and improving their life by designing healthy homes. Since her reversion to the Catholic faith, Jana’s passion has only been fueled as she now directs people to the One who not just improves, but transforms lives. She loves spending time with youth on fire for Jesus.
  1. What struck you most about the episode?
  2. What are some of your favourite spiritual weapons for combating the evil one?
  3. In what ways have you underestimated the power God has to heal and to save you?
  1. There is nothing New about New Age.
  2. Every sacrament is a moment of Grace.
  3. The Holy Rosary is a gateway to our deliverance.

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