E17: Serving Crisis Pregnancies (With Arlene Theknath)
About the episode
‘Nothing in our life is wasted.’ This may sound too unreal, but the story of our guest on this episode is a rich testimony to the goodness of God – of the One who brings purpose out of our pain, creates beauty from our ashes and uses even our mistakes to change the world. Join me as I chat with the beautiful Arlene Theknath as she shares some very personal spaces of her heart. Through her story we discover not only the reality of brokenness that exists this side of eternity but also the reality of Hope, found in the person of Jesus Christ – our Saviour, our Redeemer and the God who makes all things new and beautiful.  


Arlene TheknathArlene Theknath is a counselling psychologist with a diploma in Client Cantered Therapy and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology. Most recently, she also founded SoulFuel Counseling and Therapy aimed at fueling souls in distress. Arlene’s powerful conversion propelled her to establish the ‘The Saved Pearl Foundation’ in Mumbai, India, a non-profit organization which saves babies and shelters and empowers women in crisis pregnancies. Her life’s motto is to bring warm smiles to all she meets which she practically lives out as a doting wife and mama to three. Find out more at www.thesavedpearlfoundation.com
  1. What struck you most about the episode?
  2. Are there any aspects of your life that leave you feeling isolated?
  3. Do you see life as a gift? How do you advocate this truth?
  1. You are a world-changer.
  2. Without the Cross, everything is futile and all efforts are self-seeking.
  3. Reflect on Isaiah 61:3 and what it means for you in this season.

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