E18: When Father's Day Feels Heavy (With Cait Winters)
About the episode
The feelings surrounding Father’s Day are varied. For many it may stimulate gratitude and honor, yet for many others this day is perhaps more complicated filled with feelings of anxiousness and fear. Regardless of the successes and failures of our earthly fathers, this episode directs us to the source of everlasting and perfect love – God the Father. I am joined by Cait Winters from Massachusetts who through her own experiences with divorced parents, teenage pregnancy and single parenting, shares how she discovered her Heavenly Father who desires to bring good out of every situation, including the broken and painful ones.    


Cait WintersCait Winters is the founder of ‘Motherhood Through the Mysteries’, the host of the ‘Motherhood Through the Mysteries Podcast’ as well as a writer, blogger and aspiring author. She is a wife and mother of three children (from toddler to teen!), living the small-town life in Massachusetts and finding God in the midst of everyday moments. Her writing covers all things motherhood, womanhood and faith through relatable and inspiring short stories filled with humor and heart. To read more from Cait, check out her blog ‘Prayers Over the Kitchen Sink’ and follow on Instagram @prayersoverthekitchensink
  1. What struck you most about the episode?
  2. In what ways does God need to restore your understanding of Him as a good, loving, faithful Father?
  3. Do you abide in the Church and her Sacraments?
  1. God’s love is redemptive.
  2. God has a plan and a mission for you.
  3. “Mothers form the future through the shaping and teaching of their children.” – Cait Winters

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