E8: Road To Emmaus (With Nicole Hartzenberg)
About the episode
Shattered dreams, hopelessness, despair and disappointment over losses and failure make for fitting companions on this journey we call life and yet this is where we have the greatest opportunity to encounter the risen Jesus… if we have eyes to see. In one of what can only be described as the most powerful post resurrection narratives, the ‘Road to Emmaus’ is a masterpiece, unfolding a myriad of stories where Hope remains the central theme. In this episode, me and my friend Nicole Hartzenberg exchange candid moments as we deep dive into this personal journey of both failure and triumph to discover that like the two on the Road to Emmaus, we do not travel alone. Christ is with us. Are we willing to see Him?  


Nicole HNicole Hartzenberg from South Africa now lives in Tokyo, Japan following a strong call towards mission. A medical doctor by profession and now a missionary serving the needs of the youth ministry, she is certainly discovering how her professional experience of compassion and care make for greater markers in Christian discipleship. You can connect with her on Instagram: @hartz_nx
  1. What struck you most about the episode?
  2. What does the Resurrection really mean to you?
  3. Am I willing to do the hard work of discipleship?
  1. Regardless of failure, it is possible to encounter the risen Jesus even today because love has the final word.
  2. Knowledge of Christ through Holy Scripture is the only way to interior freedom.
  3. The Eucharist is not for ourselves alone, it is to be shared, blessed, distributed, it is a life poured out.

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