When You’re Dreading Valentine’s Day

WHEN YOU’RE DREADING VALENTINE’S DAY… Originally published by Blessed Is She   If you want to know how Valentine’s Day can make single women feel, watch 30 Rock. In the 13th episode of the hit American television series, the unattached Liz Lemon goes to great extremes to avoid Valentine’s Day… even if it means sedation via oral […]

Healing After Infertility

HEALING AFTER INFERTILITY Originally published by Blessed Is She   “Am I going to continue to trust God, even if He never fulfills the longings of my heart?”   The news devastated me. I had low estrogen levels, coupled with chronic PCOS. “It may be a long wait,” the doctor said. Waiting! Again! We had spent […]

Authentic Female Friendships

AUTHENTIC FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS Originally published by Blessed Is She   The Saving Graces, written by Patricia Gaffney, is a story of four girlfriends who for a decade shared deep affection that helped them deal with the ebb and flow of life, uniting them as years went by. Their story profoundly impacted the way I viewed friendship. […]

Deepening Our Lenten Journey

DEEPENING OUR LENTEN JOURNEY   I have a confession to make: Lent is not my favourite Ecclesial Season.   At its beginning, I’m counting down days for it to be over so I can be relieved that I don’t have to do that again for another twelve months. If not for the Grace of God, […]

The Unexpected Of Advent

THE UNEXPECTED OF ADVENT   “I’m gonna be down for the holidays!”   I hurriedly texted a close friend followed by a trail of emoticons to ensure my excitement was thoroughly conveyed. Having moved away from home to join university in a new country, I had missed traditional festivities for a whole 3 years. So […]

Complete In Christ

COMPLETE IN CHRIST She stood outside in the open and free market square, flashing her big, dark eyes, attracting inevitable attention. Determined to squeeze every ounce of admiration from her prospective ‘onlookers’ and potential ‘clients’, she glanced the busy street to see if there was anyone who saw her beyond her fragrant and fertile invitation. […]

Healing From Broken Friendships

HEALING FROM BROKEN FRIENDSHIPS   It was the first Sunday of August and I remember shoving a bunch of colorful bands into my bag. Back when I used to attend Sunday school, it was almost customary to exchange friendship bands every year in commemoration of what we knew as ‘friendship day’. A small act of […]

The Dance To Pentecost

  THE DANCE TO PENTECOST As we prepare for Pentecost, for many of us our lives are humming a repetitive tune of a day filled with work, family and the all too familiar daily grind. If you relate, then I hope this article encourages you to a new openness, to hear a new tune and […]

Goals From The Garden

    GOALS FROM THE GARDEN We are onto that time of the year wherein people optimistically set goals. If you’re fresh into this year and find the goals you’ve set have given you an appetite for more, then this post is what you need.   Over the years, I have learned that leadership is […]

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