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If you want to know how Valentine’s Day can make single women feel, watch 30 Rock. In the 13th episode of the hit American television series, the unattached Liz Lemon goes to great extremes to avoid Valentine’s Day… even if it means sedation via oral surgery.

Better to be unconscious than lonely. 

Singleness’ greatest sorrows are secretly reinforced every February in the souls of the not-yet-married and those who stare into the abyss of probable disappointment on the most polarized holiday of the year. The chick flicks, charming cards, and chocolate hearts only accentuate further sadness, shame, and spite.  

Why am I still single? Am I unattractive? Am I unlovable?

You’ve probably heard this before: “God loves you.” But what does this mean, especially on Valentine’s Day, when our lack is heightened and our longing for love further fueled?

Lack can drive even the most legitimate feelings into lecherous longings. Lack can trigger insidious insecurities causing us to stumble under the tyranny of “If only….”, all the while masquerading an aching heart. This is where Satan does his victory dance. Satan wreaks havoc in the hearts of women, magnifying their inadequacies, controlling their emotional appetites, and distracting them from the all-consuming, never-ending love of God.


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