Do You Know The Holy Spirit?

‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ is perhaps one of the most daunting questions of our Christian faith. The Holy Spirit is mentioned more than 800 times in scripture, yet it is no secret that many great theologians have struggled to understand Him, often referring to the Spirit as the “forgotten” or the “least spoken member […]

The Daily Examen

Want to make prayer your lifestyle but don’t know how? The Daily Examen, is a contemplative form of prayer that enables one to make room to pause, ponder and lean toward the voice of God to discern His will. Based on the prayer technique developed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, it consists of five simple […]

The Wonder Of God’s Word

Do you long for God to speak to you and bring healing, comfort and strength? Perhaps you have been praying for a word from God, but discover only silence? The Bible is no ordinary book. The sacred words inspired in scripture are not just imprinted on paper, they are miraculously inscribed on human hearts. In […]

Faith Revealed

Faith Revealed

The expression “Just have faith, it will work out” is often used to encourage and comfort someone facing stressful situations. But what is ‘faith’ as described in the Bible? Is it a blind leap into the dark? How much faith is enough? This resource highlights a Faith that is not just a blind leap, but […]

Extravagant Love

You’ve heard it – God is Love. And yet the greatest gift our heavenly Father has to offer us is the one we have the most difficulty receiving—the gift of His love. Some key-truths that you will learn through this resource: – No matter what threshold of your life you are currently at, God’s plan […]

How To Read The Bible

Do you want to start reading the Bible but unsure where and how to begin? Do not be intimidated. Begin today by simply following a few practical tips listed in this handy resource. The goal of Bible Study is to know the heart of God for you more each day. As you read, you will […]

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