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Come' Follow Me | Jesus And Peter - John 21 | Faith-fuel Fridays | Michelle Karen D'Silva
‘Come, follow me’ – the very first invitation that Jesus extends to simple fishermen who would later go on to become game-changers across the world. The word ‘bathos’ in Greek, refers to the deep. Today’s study speaks of the journey of Peter into this ‘bathos’: – Follow from a distance: Peter followed Jesus throughout his public ministry, up until it cost him something. – Follow from the cross: Peter dodges Jesus in the darkness and then lights a fire to keep himself warm. He has extinguished the fire of intimacy within him by denying the Cross. As we read in John 21 however, even a story of betrayal ends in victory. Peter sees Jesus and the burning fire bathos begins to light up within him. God is in the business of redeeming everything that has gone wrong. Today, He says to you, don’t give me the version you think I need, give me whatever you have. You may have followed me at a distance, but I am still here! (This recording was part of a Zoom session organized by Holy Spirit prayer group, Oman under the theme – Come, Follow Me)

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