reclaiming sabbath rest


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This word reverberated in my stomach and tied it in knots. I had come to the end of another week, exhausted, once again. Ministry work, household chores and school schedules toppled over juggling health challenges. Somewhere along the way, lines between ministry and family time were constantly crossed. Trying to be “sold out for Jesus” I had become “worn out for Jesus.” My strength had failed and my spiritual maturity had plateaued.

Unsurprisingly, in that season, I encountered many Church leaders wondering the same thing. Too many of us had fallen for the Teach. Serve. Work. Reward. Repeat cycle.

The outcome? I found myself constantly equating work with my worth, measuring my family life by how many dinners we went to and my spiritual life by how many mission trips I animated.

The only time I felt I had done enough was when I was running on empty.

During those mind-numbing months, I was confronted with the mess of my own devising. Clearly, I had made an idol of exhaustion. Clearly, it was time to reclaim Sabbath rest.


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