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Dear Sister, whether you are new to the vineyard or already abiding, I’m so glad you’re here! The Divine Gardener of our soul desires to dig deep, prune and nourish our lives so that we don’t just merely survive – but that we passionately and purposefully thrive!

Let’s find our way to an immensely fruitful life together.
She seeks truth

LUMINOUS – Be a light to the nations

If you relate to exhaustion stemming from hiding in the shadows, wading through sun-struck terrains or simply running on empty with futile efforts to fix your life, then this memoir is just for you! Through the poignant story of a woman’s desperate quest for water, we are invited to the only source that satiates all thirst and a Love that triumphs over all sin.

In and through vivid imagery of water and light, we are brought to the intimate reality of Grace, through which we become gleaming gifts and luminous witnesses to a world waiting in darkness!

She seeks truth
reclaiming sabbath rest

Reclaiming Sabbath Rest

RECLAIMING SABBATH REST Originally published by Blessed Is She   “rest” This word reverberated in my stomach and tied it in knots. I had come to

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God's love is eternal - Podcast Episode 3

E3: God’s Love Is Eternal

John 3:16, says God so loved the world that He ‘gave’. This very popular biblical verse can easily run through our brains without much cognitive

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Power of Pentecost - Podcast Episode 9

E9: Power Of Pentecost

One cannot speak about Pentecost without mentioning the Holy Spirit. He is the Power behind every transformed life and yet, the greatest miracle of this

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Father's Day - Podcast Episode 11

E11: Father’s Day

‘A father is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love.’ Although quotes like these soften our hearts, the reality of a ‘father’ may

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City on A Hill - Podcast Episode 13

E13: City On A Hill

On this episode, I reflect on personal and community experiences through the lens of the Transfiguration of the Lord where Christ was revealed in all

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Saint Magdalene Of Canossa

SAINT MAGDALENE OF CANOSSA “For better prospects” is an oft heard explanation given by applicants seeking jobs, shifting jobs and migrating across countries. To better

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Saint Paul’s Missing Pieces

SAINT PAUL’S MISSING PIECES Originally published by Blessed Is She   We visited our new neighbors recently. Among other things that adorned their living room, a

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The Heart Of Modesty

THE HEART OF MODESTY Originally published by Blessed Is She   My initial reaction to Matthew West’s latest single “Modest is Hottest” was amusement. Although I

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Healing After Infertility

HEALING AFTER INFERTILITY Originally published by Blessed Is She   “Am I going to continue to trust God, even if He never fulfills the longings of

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Authentic Female Friendships

AUTHENTIC FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS Originally published by Blessed Is She   The Saving Graces, written by Patricia Gaffney, is a story of four girlfriends who for a

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The Heart Of Worship

THE HEART OF WORSHIP Originally published by Blessed Is She   Rhythm is a dancer, it’s a soul companion; you can feel it everywhere.   These

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Seen And Loved

SEEN AND LOVED Originally published by Blessed Is She   In 2005, as secret-sharing apps like Secret and Whisper were making headlines, Frank Warren’s project PostSecret,

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Calvary With Mary

CALVARY WITH MARY We are soon approaching the most holy week of the year, the liturgical crescendo, a time for deep reflection and entering into

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Learning From Saint Bakhita

LEARNING FROM SAINT BAKHITA   The Bulli Bai app, whereby youth have been auctioning women has been sending waves of shock and disgust in recent times.

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For Such A Time As This

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS Reading the book of Esther is like watching a thriller. The plot is inundated with twists and turns, euphoria

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The Swaddling Cloth

THE SWADDLING CLOTH Meditating on the Word of God should lead us to new places: new revelation in God, ourselves and others. Each word of

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Presence Not Presents

PRESENCE NOT PRESENTS Advent. A time of waiting. A time when the Church invites us to enter into the profound mystery of the Incarnation. For

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Masks And Veils

MASKS AND VEILS It was Christmas time, and the Sister in charge of the kindergarten surprised me with an offer to participate in their party……as

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Grace-filled Life

GRACE-FILLED LIFE Although being born in a Catholic home that knew the theology about Mary, I could never relate to her. It didn’t matter how

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Something About Mary

SOMETHING ABOUT MARY There’s something about Mary!   I’d be lying if I say I knew exactly what this meant, following my conversion in 2004.

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Complete In Christ

COMPLETE IN CHRIST She stood outside in the open and free market square, flashing her big, dark eyes, attracting inevitable attention. Determined to squeeze every

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Clothed With Power

CLOTHED WITH POWER One of the most dazzling of sights in holy scripture has to be the disciples’ experience in the Upper Room. Jesus had

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